Possible Worlds” –thought provoking, but… 1

Review by Danny Gaisin

                This scribe is anything but scientific. 60 years ago I had to study a theory by Professor Alan Guth of MIT about parallel Universes; quantum leaping, and his ‘false vacuum’ concept. Couldn’t grasp it and generally hated everything about theoretical physics! So, a play that requires imagining such a scenario is not my first-choice subject.
               Hamiltonian John Mighton’s play –“POSSIBLE WORLDS” is a challenge to produce, a burden for the actors, and an effort for its audience.



“39 Steps”, hilarious missed clues & mis-cues Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
                “The 39 steps”…neither an Al-Anon doctrine nor a Jenny Craig™ weight reduction programme. Nope- a 1930’s espionage/spy novel Lord Tweedsmuir, (our 15th Governor General) written under his given name – John Buchan. Protagonist Richard Hannay was a cross between Indiana Jones & James Bond. However, Stage West & director Dayna Tekatch’s incarnation is pure spoof, pure delight, pure entertainment.
Photo courtesy of Fred Loek; Miss’a News

Lamport & Mac hassling Mikhail’s HANNAY


“IRON”; allegorical title…allegorical play. Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
               Scottish playwright Rona Munro, of TV’s “Dr. Who” series, is also respected for her contributions to the contemporary British theatre. “IRON” refers to the metal endemic to a prison, but also refers albeit obliquely, to the indomitability of the spirit. This 4-member play is a serious study into the human psyche and a thought-provoking challenge for actor & audience.

Josie meets Fay under watchful eyes


‘Hairspray’, not a tress out of place Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin

What kind of a production could possibly attract Susan Anton; Corbin Bleu; John Stamos & Drew Carey to perform at the Hollywood Bowl? Not a fundraiser or telethon, but rather a 2011 performance of “HAIRSPRAY”. Version -The Shaiman & Whittman musical adaptation of John Waters’ 1988 movie film.

the cast of HAIRSPRAY

the exuberant cast of HAIRSPRAY


“Communion” @ Ottawa’s N.A.C. Studio. Reply

Review by Sharon Letovsky

 In this riveting play from Daniel MacIvor, one of Canada’s most respected playwrights, three women – a mother, a daughter and a therapist – are on the brink of change. We see Leda in her therapist’s office, desperately alternating between wringing her hands, crushing her handbag and crossing and uncrossing her legs. Clearly something is on her mind.

the cast - communicating!


Creative two-fer @ SHERIDAN Reply

Review by Terry Gaisin

                The Theatre Arts Faculty of Sheridan College has always incorporated the concept of creativity as part of its curriculum. Actors are not automatons; they must integrate something of themselves into every portrayal. This is certainly a manifestation of creativity. “CENTRAL PARK TANGO” and “COME FROM AWAY” are two innovative original works that are being staged until April 24that the College’s Trafalgar campus. More…