Hamilton; strutting out its cultural range 2

 Review by Danny Gaisin
                Toronto: – its’ Taste of the Danforth; the Beaches – renowned jazz Festival; Oakville – ‘Midnight Madness, and HAMILTON — The James St. North ‘CRAWL’!  Like those counterparts; ‘The Hammer’ shuts down the street to vehicle traffic and turns it over to 50,000 pedestrians [and oftimes – accompanying pets!] to see, to eat, and be entertained. In spite of our erroneous reputation as a lunch box town, we’ve culture up the kazoo and we display it every September. Today was no exception.

Avery & the H.P.O. ‘al fresco’

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Foster’s “LOOKING”; a new perspective by WEST 2

Review by Danny Gaisin
                Norm Foster’s comedy/drama about dating and singles’ existence for the over-forty crowd has the ability to touch its audiences; whether personally or through knowledge of ones’ contemporaries. Being Jewish, Terry & I have an ingrained urge to be matchmakers whenever we meet someone unattached. On rare occasions, we’re successful.
In “LOOKING”, four people; two of whom are interested in meeting a potential mate, drag along their best buds for moral support at their first ‘personal-ad’ blind-date

l-r: Lorraine & Michael Quast;Joe Balaz; Deb Dagenais ‘LOOKING’


Gershon Wachtel & his piano- in performance Reply

Review by Tina Gaisin
I was not planning on attending another concert but something told me I should go! I dragged my special someone and off we went!  The concert was held at Chabad Romano located on Bathurst St. in Maple. Instead of a lectern on the Bimah (elevated altar area) was a beautiful piano!  Acting as Master of Ceremonies, and guest soloist/ speaker was pianist Gershon Wachtel.  
               Wachtel has a lengthy bio which includes the accompaniment of the 1976 and 1980 USA women’s Gymnastic Teams. More…

Dryden & Sweet; a “Youth reclaiming” dream team Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
         Yesterday I met a Hamilton man whose personal history of being abused as a pre-teen and then suffering a long period of being homeless reads like a Dickens’ novel. Today he’s an honours college graduate. Realizing he had the background to perhaps influence others, Fredrick Dryden started visiting youths being held in Juvenile Detention. Eight years ago he formed LIBERTY FOR YOUTHand quickly received support and encouragement from David Sweet, our local Member of Parliament who is a motorcycle riding enthusiast.

The L4Y team; with Dryden & Sweet in middle


Progress, and changes Reply

Comment by Terry Gaisin

Some of our readers have written to ask why we call our listing of happenings “UPCOMING” when they are currently being staged! Doubly neat observation as it means folks actually read our stuff (just kidding, we get about 1,000 hits per week!), and are interested enough to pass on their thoughts; and it enables us to correct a syntax-ical error.

So, we will be changing the banner-head to either ‘worthwhile’, orrecommended’ or ‘selected’ EVENTS.  If any of you have a preference, please email me with your choice [or other choices] and we’ll go with the majority, but we DO want your imput.


Pearl Company’s ‘Canadian Theatre Festival’ Reply

Reviewed by Tony Kilgannon

Several months ago I attended an evening of plays at the Pearl Company, under the apt title of “HamilTEN”. The plays were short (about ten minutes each, as per the title)and were great fun. The pick of the litter, by ballot, was an entry by Ryan M. Sero; a comedic conflict about a quarrel between two hyper-polite snobs arguing over a piece of cheese. It was a riot, and I have been hoping to see more of this writer’s work.

Saturday night, once again at the same venue, I had my chance.  The Pearl Company’s Canadian Theatre Festival presented Sero’s “Romeo and Juliet, An Escapist ComedyMore…