♫RAGTIME ♪; Shaw’s Maxwell offers a new take Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
                Sixteen years ago, Garth Drabinsky staged way up in North York, a big-dollar presentation of the McNally/Flaherty/Ahrens musical about the last century’s first decade. Rumour has it that such an expensive undertaking was what financially killed Livent. The play looks at the turn-of-the-last century era from three different entities: – white, black and immigrant.   Photo courtesy of Emily Cooper

The 3 entities of RAGTIME


“His Girl Friday”…a bannerline SHAW effort! Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
It’s quite understandable for this particular scribe to choose HIS GIRL FRIDAY as my first play enjoyed at this year’s SHAW. I grew up with a relative of Ben Hecht’s; my first job was newspaper associated; and finally, role reversal…I’m the ‘Hildy’ character to wife Terry’s editing ‘Walter!    *Photo courtesy of David Cooper*

“we scooped ’em all!” Underhay & Campbell celebrate


A taste of Puccini; courtesy of the N.A.O. Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin
                Giacomo Puccini; he of the amazing operatic arias and an affinity for hyperbolic lyrics was the guest of last evening’s Brott Festival concert. The great man, (aka Aubrey Boothman) iterated the why’s & how’s behind two of his most popular works; then narrated the librettos for Tosca and Butterfly

Delaney,Segal,Yamazaki,Ramirez & PUCCINI!

. More…

Two local Fringe observations Reply

Editor’s note: Last year our ARTS REVIEW executives made a value judgement to withdraw critical support of the Hamilton Fringe as we seriously doubted the professional level of its administrative Board. However, it is never been our mandate to restrict any of our columnists from attending any event they may wish to explore.  Therefore, the following …  Two Reviews by Tony Kilgannon

  “Lies, Damn Lies and Magic Tricks”
This writer LOVES a magic show. There is something very thrilling about being hoodwinked More…

The O.A.R. vacation-break ends Reply

Editorial by Terry Gaisin
 Like the rest of the world (read -normal folk), we scribes occasionally put down our pens and concentrate on the normalities of life. For this writer, meaning some gardening & refurbishing our home-grown fruits larder. Plus inclusion of such fun things as grass-cutting, weed-pulling, bush-trimming and lawn-edging…super fun! More…

The N.A.O & “Rousing Russians” Reply

Review by Tony Kilgannon
“Rousing Russians” was the theme of the Brott Music Festival event at Mohawk College’s McIntyre Theatre, and the program (obviously) emphasized works by Russian composers. The series’ namesake was not present, but he left the helm of his National Academy Orchestra in the good hands of Guest Conductor Martin MacDonald, with help from apprentice Brendan Hagan.

What a night, and what an orchestra it was! The sound was rich, clear, precise and confident. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing these musicians in two very different venues, and in both situations been impressed with their power and range. More…