Opera Kitchener tackles Don Giovanni – wins! 4

Review by Danny Gaisin
               Unlike the 18th century Venetian Giacomo Casanova; DON JUAN is pure legend. But the Da Ponte/Mozart operatic drama gio coso- DON GIOVANNI is the real thing. Ranking in the genre’s ten most popular; the validation is understandable: – crazy plot…incredible music!

Don G. & his servant face the Seville mob



“Drowsy Chaperone”, C.C.M.P. adds a polish & sheen Reply

 The Martin/McKellar book, DROWSY CHAPERONE, musicalized by Lambert and Morrison for the Toronto Fringe is a Cinderella Story; i.e. from humble beginnings to the pinnacle. Mississauga’s CITY CENTRE MUSIC PRODUCTIONS adds another aspect to this decidedly popular bit of fluff…meticulous direction.

               In keeping with the children’s fables motif – CCMP & Michael MacLennan put on a ‘Goldilocks’ effort…it’s “not too anything…it’s Just Right!”

Director MacLennan overseeing his minions!


Twelfth Night@ M.T.C.—a few evenings short 1

Review by Danny Gaisin

Shakespeare’s delightful comedy about dress-up & misrepresentation has had many imitations… “Yentl”; and the recent T.V. movie of an athletic girl attending a school as her own brother in order to compete, come immediately to mind. Great plot and interesting hypothesis

The challenge with staging old Willie’s original is his eloquence.  The lines require emoting; not recitation. Phrasing, appreciating the concept of meter (iambic or otherwise), and projection are requisite and unfortunately- McMaster’s Thespian Company earns an overall failing grade.McMaster's Thespians do TWELFTH NIGHT. More…

Charly Ciarelli, telling it like it was! Reply

Review by Danny Gaisin

I can’t recall the source, but do remember hearing an aphorism that stated “If Italians weren’t ITALIAN…they’d be JEWISH!” The ethical similarities; sense of community; kinship; identity and mutual respect are paralleled …even to the point of analogous terminology. This paradigm was again made apparent while witnessing the comedy of CHARLY CIARELLI at Hamilton’s PEARL

Charly, definitely no MANGIACAKE!


“WEST SIDE STORY” @ Ottawa’s N.A.C. 2

Review by Sharon Letovsky

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending the opening night of West Side Story at the National Arts Centre’s main stage – Southam Hall.   The theatre’s 2,323 seats were packed with an audience that was clearly thrilled with the performance.This particular rendering is produced by ‘Broadway Across Canada’ and ‘Broadway Across America’ …

Those JETS can sure dance!


LEGALLY BLONDE, the Musical!@ Lower Ossington Theatre 2

Review by Danny Gaisin

Occasionally, whether for financial purpose or expediency; something pretty good is embellished or modified. LEGALLY BLONDE was a 2001 ridiculously-concepted vehicle for Reese Witherspoon. Naturally (for Hollywood) there had to be a sequel, but fortunately, no franchise. What we do have is a musical version with forgettable arias by O’Keefe & Benjamin.

the LEGALLY BLONDE cast & pets!