Mozart’s Delightful Birthday Bash Reply

Review by David RichardsReviewerDave-R
        Tafelmusik celebrated Mozart’s 260th birthday with a joyful celebration, at Jeanne Lamon Hall, Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre, in Toronto. The February 25th performance was its second of four concerts entitled ‘The Best of Mozart’. The Toronto Symphony had begun the January 27th birthday festivities with the the Jupiter Symphony in January, and a semi-staged production of the Mozart Requiem, as part of the Mozart@260 Festival. And The Canadian Opera Company carried on the celebrations with a production of The Marriage of Figaro. Tafelmusik in performance          More…

“PERICLES, Prince of Tyre” – another Erindale challenge Reply

Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDGcolor

Quotation: -“With old age, memory is the second thing to go”. Way back when this O.F. was studying Eng. Lit. 101, I failed a test for having written about Shakespeare’s PERICLES as a tragedy. Wrong! In retrospect, is a story about incest; murder; forced prostitution; kidnapping and mental breakdown really comedic? Now, another chance to re-analyze.
Like an orchestra conductor; army general; or totalitarian dictator, a theatre director not only is the individual where the buck stops, he or she is the exponent of what is finally staged.    Photo by Jim Smagata

Alma Sarai & Brett Houghton dancing in celebration

Alma Sarai (Thaisa) & Brett Houghton (Pericles) dancing in celebration


Tafelmusik Takes Bach to Port Perry Reply

Review by David RichardsReviewers Dave & Jan
           On the heels of a much-heralded sold-out series of performances of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in Toronto’s Koerner Hall, Tafelmusik headed out on a bus this past week to a series of small towns in Southern Ontario. The ensemble gave afternoon performances for students and evening concerts for the public in Gravenhurst and Midland before yesterday’s performances in Port Perry. Invited by the Scugog Council for the Arts, Tafelmusik performed Bach and His World, a work conceived, programmed and scripted by double bassist Alison Mackay.                    Photo courtesy of  Glenn Davidson

"Tafelmusicians" under imposing projection of J.S. Bach

“Tafelmusicians” under imposing projection of J.S. Bach


“SHREK, The Musical” – fairy tales…I’m a believer! 1

Review by Danny Gaisin
           Confession; this writer had never seen neither the movie nor even knew about the Jeanine Tesori ’08 musical version. So, witnessing the Meadowvale Music Theatre’s production of SHREK was obviously without bias or comparison. This ridiculous story about a misanthropic reclusive ogre having his ‘hood invaded by refugee storybook characters and thus necessitated to renegotiate his real estate situation turns out to be a ridiculously ‘punny’ opportunity for rare directorial liberties and cast members to vent their individual innate sense of humour.

the amazing cast of SHREK & their costuming

the amazing cast of SHREK & their costuming


“SWEET CHARITY”; Sheridan returns us to the Fandango dancehall Reply

Review by Terry GaisinreviewerETG
            SHERIDAN’s Theatre Arts Faculty staged the musical version of Neil Simon’s take on Fellini back in 2004. The production was so professionally presented as to tie with the Royal Opera’s ‘Aida’ as best of O.A.R.’s TOP TEN.  This year’s effort directed and choreographed by Sheila McCarthy is very enjoyable and certainly does justice to Pollyanna-ish ‘Charity Hope Valentine’; a taxi dancer who seems constantly able to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory! One of those days is her norm.  In the title role, Amanda Trapp manages to capture the audience’s sympathy and understanding.

The 'ladies' of the Fandango & their patrons

The ‘ladies’ of the Fandango & their patrons


“DAMN YANKEES” Sheridan stages a ‘perfect game’ Reply

Review by Danny GaisinreviewerDJG

Using words like ‘perfect’ may work for statistically-minded baseball fanatics, but surely something like live theatre should be more subjective – like poetry. Nevertheless, by listing each facet of the genre, and showing how SHERIDAN aced every one of these, methinks readers will agree that DAMN YANKEES epitomizes the parallel of baseball’s 27-strikeout game!
Perfect no. 1; Direction. Ray Hogg wore two hats for this production.  Supervising the course that this adaptation of the 1955 Adler/Ross Broadway musical version of Doug Wallop’s “The Year the Yankees lost the pennant”; and as choreographer (see Perfect no. 4).

The Senators team; their groupies & devilish "Mr. Applegate, taking well-deserved bows

The Senators team; their groupies; & devilish “Mr. Applegate”, taking well-deserved bows