Ontario Arts Review

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Ontario is Canada’s most populous and second-largest province, with two capitals at once: Toronto, the province’s central city, and Ottawa, the nation’s capital. Due to its vast size, Ontario is the starting point for travel to the world’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Superior, Niagara Falls and the Polar Bear Park. Once here, your life will no longer be the same, as you can see the power of nature, experience the region’s culture, and enjoy the countless attractions that are available here.

This blog is more about the cultural life and Ontario arts review, so welcome here if you fall into that category of people!

By the way, the first thing to mention is that Ontario is home to “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” – the house-museum of the famous literary character’s prototype. So, if you’ve read it, go ahead and enjoy it.

Ontario Attractions

Once in Toronto, it’s worth checking out the entertainment complex in Ontario Square, strolling through Hyde Park, Queen Elizabeth Park or the picturesque Toronto Island Park on Lake Ontario. Casa Loma is a century-old neo-Gothic castle built by banker Henry Pellat in the early 20th century. Other attractions include Fort York, Spadina Castle, Fort George, the Algonquin Reserve, the Maple Syrup Museum, the 553-metre CN Tower, and the famous Niagara Falls, just 100 km south of the city.

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Hamilton, Ontario’s second-largest city and Canada’s third busiest port, is notable for its flowering gardens, the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Gage Gardens. Furthermore, museumgoers will want to check out the Hamilton Military Museum with its collection of weapons, uniforms and other artifacts from 1790-1954, the Art Gallery with more than 7,400 paintings, sculptures and graphics, and the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. Hamilton also has something for the adventurous, with a vast park filled with wild animals that can be traversed in your car or on a tour bus.

Sleeping Giant

It’s worth noting that Mount Sleeping Giant in Ontario, which you see when you arrive, is on the list of Canada’s Seven Wonders, ahead of Fundy Bay and Niagara Falls. A trip to Sleeping Giant, a unique natural feature on Sibley Island (off Thunder Bay), is an unforgettable experience. It looks like a giant sleeping on its back and is part of the eponymous park of 24,000 hectares. It is one of Canada’s Seven Wonders of the World, ahead of Fundy Bay and even Niagara Falls.

Tourist Train

A fascinating journey will allow you to enjoy the beauty of Agawa Canyon with its rocky cliffs, mountain rivers and lakes: the Algoma Central Railway tourist train departs for the canyon from the town of Sous Saint-Marie. And thrill-seekers can walk across Canada’s longest suspension bridge spanning Eagle Canyon.


In Windsor, with its flower beds, fountains and park sculptures, the city’s Cheese Factory Museum is of interest, where the visitor is given the opportunity to see how cheese was made in the 1860s. Among Windsor’s many parks, the Queen Elizabeth II Sunken Garden with its 12,000 rose bushes is worth mentioning, as is Coventry Gardens.

On the way from Windsor to Toronto is the small town of Dresden, where Uncle Tom’s Cabin, famous for the Harriet Beecher Stowe novel of the same name, is located.

Uncle Tom’s prototype was Reverend Josiah Henson, whose life story was the basis of the book.

Exhibits in Henson’s home, built-in 1842, include documents from the abolitionist era, rare books and various household items.

Musicians and Plays

Speaking of art, it is impossible not to mention the Canadian musician Stephan Moccio. He has collaborated with many famous artists such as Celine Dion, Josh Groban and Sarah Brightman. Incredible music on “Colore” is a new cd by Moccio, listen to it and you will fall in love with it.

Once Upon a Mattress” is a sensational short play that was written at Tamiment’s adult summer camp. The play was later expanded for the Broadway stage. Initial reviews of the play were mixed. Nevertheless, it gained particular popularity in the top niche. “Once Upon a Mattress” is famous for school drama programs and community theatre groups. And the play is also being performed in Ontario theatres.

On the subject of plays and theatres, the Toronto Fringe Festival is an annual theatre festival, often held in July, featuring plays by unknown or well-known artists without a jury, in theatres in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Therefore, if you will be in Ontario at this time, you can attend this incredible event.

Casino Shows and Events

Many Casinos in Ontario offer a wide range of entertainment, from games, concerts and shows to romantic dates. Below is a list of some of Ontario’s most popular casinos, along with their upcoming events, tournaments and special offers.

Fallsview Casino Entertainment Center

Larry The Cable Guy with his fantastic show at Fallsview Casino’s Entertainment Centre.

A multi-platinum recording artist, Grammy nominee and Billboard Award winner, Larry the Cable Guy is one of America’s best comedians. Over the years, Larry has hosted television shows and comedy specials and appeared in many movies.

Joey Young

Joey Yung, also known as the diva of Chinese music, is known for her sensational vocals and impressive live performances. Since then, Joey has released hundreds of hits.

REO Speedwagon

With fan-exciting setlists filled with hits, REO Speedwagon’s main constant over the decades has been a relentless desire to give their all to their fans year after year. With over 40 million albums worldwide, REO Speedwagon continues to delight audiences worldwide with their hits.

Casino Rama

The Frontmen of Country.

The Frontmen of Country have established themselves as the newest country supergroup of our generation. Featuring singers who were the voices of three of the best country bands of the ’90s, Larry Stewart of Restless Heart, Tim Rushlow of Little Texas and Richie McDonald of Lonestar.

Celtic Woman

Celtic Woman as the most successful all-female Irish band in history, coming back with THE OPENINGS OF IRELAND. Celtic Woman’s fresh fusion of traditional Irish music and contemporary songwriting celebrates Irish history while reflecting the vibrant spirit of modern Ireland.

Jake Owen

Jake Owen Singer and songwriter Jake Owen’s single “Down To The Honkytonk,” which repeatedly topped the charts, quickly climbed the Billboard Country Airplay charts. With seven No. 1 songs to his name, Owen’s songs are resonating with listeners and audiences around the world. 

Caesars Windsor

This institution is constantly held events, shows, performances of famous artists. 

Get ready for a sensational night. The Coliseum, built as the premier entertainment venue in Windsor, presents world-class artists you know and love. 

Enjoy exciting entertainment at our 5,000-seat theatre, The Colosseum, featuring world-renowned performers from all genres of music, dance, comedy and more.

From thrilling games to fine dining to exciting world-class entertainers, Caesars Windsor offers a vacation like no other. As you can see, an Ontario arts review can take quite a long time and could be written about endlessly. So whether you are visiting museums, theatres, exhibitions, festivals or concerts, you will undoubtedly be left with a great deal of enjoyment.