“The Space between Us”, a Terpsichorean treat 2

Review by Tina Gaisinreviewer Tina G
               During the Toronto Jazz Festival, tucked away in the Distillery District on the third floor  of the Dancemakers Centre for Creation was a wonderful evening filled with wine tasting, wonderful food, friendly people,  silent auction.  The show, by Tziporah Productions started  with a lone piano player then a beautiful narrator, light  and dance through space and time using lights, shadows different heights and mediums to make us feel that through a narrator (storyteller) a colourful picture painted about the not only the galaxy but the universe.

Tzipora dance c orps

Tziporah dancers

The choreographer Aviva Fleising who was also a dancer along with Jason Rothery introduced us to a musical dance that used colour.
The storyteller leads us to the multi-verse using light from an ipad reflecting on his face and in a monotone voice takes us to the universe and back.  The costumes were simple but effective.  The dancers used red and blue light; balloons; clothing; table cloths; table and bodies to lead us on our intergalactic journey of particles, stardust, light and movement.  This kaleidoscope of red, blue and white light and movement was very ingenious.  One of the dancers Allara Gooliaff danced in stilts and using the elongation of her body along with light & shadow showed off her talent. She was a great addition to the entire whole production.
The music was very effective and striking fitting along with the storytelling (more than narration) to the dancing.  This interpretative dancing exploited the entire stage and all parts of the body.  The illusions on the stage were very effective and thought provoking.  Incorporating science, speech, body, music and art to show us the universe was amazing.  By light, shadows, and talking to the audience was connected to the events onstage.  Different heights and shadow puppets on the wall was mysterious yet exciting at the same time.
Not everyone appreciates all the genre diversity of dance but this writer really enjoyed the choreography, the energy and the whole atmosphere.  The ensemble appeared to be enjoying itself as well.  After more tasty food and wine tasting there was drumming, percussion instruments, and dancing which looked like so much fun, and was a different change from the first half.  The entire crew went up on stage to participate.  Everyone was clapping and tapping their feet to the music. This was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and a great production.


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