The famous Royal Ontario Museum has been in operation since 1857 and is considered one of Canada’s most prominent museums. One hundred and fifty years later, the museum is the talk of the town thanks to the fantastic modern architect Daniel Libeskind, who transformed the old building into an incredible crystal structure that changed the entire surrounding landscape.

Dissecting Space

Within the museum walls is a rich collection of more than six million items. The diversity of its exhibits can attract visitors with diverse interests and hobbies. But to add a unique zest to the museum and was invited such an extraordinary architect.

According to the artist himself, the real mineral crystals in the museum’s exhibition hall became the prototype of the new building. The architect made his first sketch of the future building on an ordinary napkin. The complex development of the Crystal project lasted for seven long years. It took another 4 years to build the whole structure, which greatly enlarged the museum space.

Such an unusual construction was named after philanthropist Michael Lee-Chin, whose donations it was created. The first place you enter is a vast atrium called “House of Spirits”. Here you can constantly hear the various sounds of nature echoing with the voices of people.

Five Floors of Wonders

Going further, you get to the central staircase, which has no less exciting name – “Staircase of Wonders”. It is made in the form of a gallery, in the showcases of which you can see thousands of unique items from various collections of the museum.

The ethnographic rooms stand medieval European warriors in armour, the first Canadian settlers and army soldiers. Showcases devoted to the cultures of Africa and Asia contain very exotic objects – Kenyan drums, intimidating Ethiopian masks, sumptuous robes and Chinese mandarin wreaths.

The second floor is the most popular exhibition, among children and adults – the gallery of dinosaurs. The exhibition halls of the third floor acquaint visitors with the magnificent art of Africa, East Asia and both Americas. The Institute of Contemporary Art occupies the fourth level of the museum.

dinosaurs in museum

In addition to the museum’s extensive permanent exhibitions. The fifth and top floor of the building is equipped with a magnificent viewing platform with a restaurant, which disposes to wonderful rest and unhurried reflection.

Despite all the controversy and discussion about the exterior of the Crystal, the Royal Museum has taken place among the five largest museums in North America and was included in the seven architectural wonders of the world.

It’s interesting to look at mineral specimens, including gemstones and even meteorites. The favourite is considered to be the Desert Light cerussite. After seeing the main exposition, you can visit the halls of the vernissage and buy a painting you like. You can also try the exotic cuisine of a local restaurant and admire the view of Toronto from the observation deck on the top floor.

Another building topping the list of the largest is Casa Loma Castle, the largest private property in Canada.

Visitor Information

Address: 100 Queens Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C6, Canada

Cost of admission tickets:

Adults – $20;

Children $14;

Seniors $17;

Students: $16.50.

For more information on costs and upcoming events, visit the museum’s official website.

Hours of operation:

10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily; day off – December 25.